Cigar Rum Pairing Tour

Cigar Rum Pairing Tour

Discover the history, sights, sounds, rhythm, aroma, and flavors of this vibrant pocket historic neighborhood


Cigar & Rum Experience


Welcome to Little Havana, a vibrant slice of Cuba right in Miami! Here, you'll discover the rich flavors and captivating scents that have made Cuban culture famous worldwide, from its renowned cigars to its delectable cuisine.

Our tour promises an authentic experience like no other. You'll witness skilled Cuban artisans hand-rolling premium cigars, drawing from centuries of expertise. But that's just the beginning!

Prepare for a carefully curated journey, delving into the immigrant stories that have shaped Little Havana. You'll learn the art of lighting and savoring a Cuban cigar, explore iconic local spots, and be guided by knowledgeable residents who unveil the neighborhood's hidden treasures.

As you immerse yourself in the tales and intricacies of Little Havana, you'll also savor traditional Cuban bites and sip on classic beverages, all while gaining insights into their origins and production.

While this tour is a must for cigar and rum enthusiasts, it's also perfect for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Miami's Cuban community. It's an ideal choice for corporate events, bachelor parties, and social gatherings. Join us and uncover the cultural wonders of Little Havana!

Offered as a private tour only, please emails us at
[email protected]


On Demand


Adults (Ages 21+) $120

Duration & Distance

2.5 Hr
Leisurely 5 blocks walk


Bay of Pigs Monument
Across the street from El Nuevo Siglo supermarket
1305 SW 8th Street, Miami, 33135


Our private tours in Little Havana can be customized to perfectly match your group's preferences. Get in touch with our Support Team to discuss your specific requirements and request a prompt quote. Additionally, we offer the option to include rum and cigar add-ons to the Little Havana Food Tour.

Don't hesitate to email us for more details.

Many platforms such as Trip Advisor, Viator, AirBnb sell our tours. For best prices and other benefits, book directly with us right here or contact our office or reservation center.