Art Deco Walking Tour

About Us

Welcome to Art Deco & Little Havana Tours, a unique exploration of Miami's rich cultural tapestry under the global brand of Secret Food Tours. In the vibrant city of Miami, we invite you to discover two distinct facets of its identity:

In Little Havana, immerse yourself in the heart of Cuban tradition, intertwined with the eclectic Miami culture. Our expert guides will lead you through the colorful streets, sharing the authentic stories and flavors that define this iconic neighborhood.

Meanwhile, our South Beach tours focus on the captivating architecture that has made Miami a world-renowned destination. Uncover the fascinating history behind the Art Deco treasures that grace the shores of South Beach.

Art Deco & Little Havana Tours is proud to be a part of Secret Food Tours, the largest food tour company in the world, with a presence in over 60 cities across the globe. From Paris and New York City to Hong Kong and London, our network of tours allows you to experience the flavors and stories of each destination like never before.

Join us on a journey that celebrates the cultural diversity and architectural beauty of Miami, all while savoring the flavors that make this city truly unique.